Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yes, I Am in the Freaking Danger Zone, OK?!

On Wednesday, my mommy and I went to the pool with Laura and Jake, two of my most favorite people. On the car ride back, we were talking about the movie Top Gun ( which I had never seen. My mom was explaining what it was about, and I was still confused. Laura and Jake had just seen it, Jake for the first time, and ALL THE WAY HOME, THE ENTIRE TIME, he was singing, "Hiiiighwaaay tooo theeee DANGER ZONE..." over and over. And at first, I was like, "STOP SINGING." To myself of course. But then, I thought, if he's singing this over and over, it's gotta be a catchy song. So last night, my whole family minus my sister went over to their house for pizza, and this amazing heavenly dark chocolate cake that Laura made, and Top Gun. We were late, of course, because my wafer leaked, of course, and we had to change it, of course. After my daddy told his story about the plane backup in New York, we started the movie. Sure enough, opening credits, guitar kicks in and suddenly, the room is filled with "Hiiiiighwaaay toooo theee DANGER ZONE" from whatever 80's singer it might have been.

So then, we're watching the movie. About half an hour, maybe less, into the movie, I hear guitars. Then, I hear, once again, "Hiiiiighwaaaay toooo theee DANGER ZONE".

The movie is really great, except they keep playing the five opening bars of 'Take My Breath Away', like, 25 billion times and never actually play the full song. Then suddenly, the sex scene comes, and they play the song. Thanks, Top Gun. Thanks a lot.

Soo thenn, we watch the rest of the movie (and we also simultaneously watch Olivia, Jake's adorable and hilarious little 2-year-old sister).

End credits start rolling. I hear guitar. I hear drums. I hear... "Hiiiiighwaaaaay tooo theee DANGER ZONE..."


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Laura said...

Yeah, but also..."Ewwwwww!"

Laura said...

(I hit publish comment too early), It was Zachary who coined the phrase "Ewwwwww!"