Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Come to This.

I have decided that every time I blog or check my blog, I'm going to take a picture of me and show you my progress from tired, skinny Casey (today) to- hopefully- healthy and ready-for-school Casey.

So, today.

Oh, and


That's what my pants looked like at 8:00 this evening.
Ahh, what leaky liquid crap does to abercrombie sweatpants. And, basically, any other pants.

I'm gonna go change my bag now, because it's gotten so wet that even I'm beginning to think I might have peed in my pants.

Till the velcro bottom stop leaking,


Anonymous said...

Well, even tired skinny Casey looks great and has a fine sense of humor!

Di said...

I miss even the wet, crappy, skinny you! I prescribe 3 snickers a day, lots of Coke (no Diet Coke allowed), bagels with schmears that are bigger than the bagels, tiramisu (Laura makes a fabulous one that is better than most restaurants) and basically everything I would eat if I wanted to gain weight. Ha, it even makes me laugh writing those words!

I miss your Mom too!

Glad you are blogging...I have been too busy to blog. Have you read anything good? I would love it if you would guest blog. My blog readers are going to drop me for lack of content.

But I shot my best score ever on 9 holes yesterday!

Anonymous said...

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