Saturday, July 7, 2007

A View From the Lounge Chair on 777

Today is July 7th, 2007. The 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the 21st century. I guess it's supposed to be lucky.

Today, Eva Longoria is getting married... again. She had a civil ceremony last night, and today's the celeration, I think.
Today, thousands of other people are getting married.
Today, 31 people are going to be at the House in the Hamptons, all asking me over and over again if I'm ok, how I'm feeling, if I need help getting up, if I need a drink, etc.
Today, I will be forced to stay outside all day, mingling with people who are 20-60 years older than me.
Today, Aunt Marilyn is coming to the house, and will annoy me more than any other human being or bug here.
Today, my nana and poppy will blast bad Rod Stewart songs in my ear, forcing me to move to anoher lounge chair.
Today, people I barely know/remember will kiss me on the cheek and ask me how I'm doing and tell me they've been thinking of me.

To which, I say, "Yes, I do remember you, fine, and thank you."

So here I sit, on a lounge chair not by a speaker, looking at the people here and trying to remember who the heck they are. Half the people here are most likely not even related to me, which makes it so much easier, because I feel really comfortable with a creepy old man kissing my cheek and telling me I look good. Well, thank you, 65 year old creepyman, thank you very much.

My little sister Lindsay and her friend Amanda are playing Toothpaste in the pool in front of me. The catergory is favorite type of ice cream. How much you wanna bet my sister says "all"? I was right! I was I really was!!! Oh, I'm good.

Lindsay is reciting her president thing, where she lists all the presidents really fast. I can do the first couple and the last three and some in the middle. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison... and some other guys, and then George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the monkey.

So, all of these people are leaving tomorrow, thankfully, and maybe I can go swimming with some closed-end pouches. Or at least wear a bathing suit top or something. Maybe after lunch I can convince my mom to go inside and rest in one of the, what, 3000 bedrooms in this house? All of our rooms have names. We have my nana and poppy's room, which is upstairs. We have freaking CHEETAH CARPETING on the stairs. That's CHEETAH CARPETING. Downstairs there's the Bamboo Room, the Green Room (which is where I sleep), the Ivy Room, and the Blue Room, which has 3 beds and a crib. Then there's the Down Under, which is like the basement, only they turned it into a huge playroom with a fold-out couch bed thing, a princess bedroom, a beach room, and an airplane room. All with beds. Don't say I'm spoiled, because it's really not as big as it sounds.

I'm losing connection, so I have to go and publish this before I completely lose it.

Till next time,


Di said...

Which room do I get? And as for Eva...I somehow remember from my 7 years of French, how to conjugate etre (the verb to be), how to order a glass of wine in Paris and that the French have two a civil ceremony and one the religious one.

I also know because my friend's son is marrying a French girl that in France, the GROOM's Mom is the one who opposed to here where the Groom's Mom is advised to shut up and wear beige!


Oooh, the green room, huh?

I miss you and I can't wait to see you!!! Sorry, I know I am not a 65 year-old creepy man, but do I still get lots of hugs and kisses?!?!

And P.S. Love you and see you soon! :]