Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Song

So itchy, so crusty
My eye is swollen
I look like a retard
Cause my right eye won't open (well, my right, your left)
The weather is crappy
Every single day
And to go outside
You need a lightning pole-ay (you know what, it had to rhyme with day)
I like how Kelly Ripa
After having two kids
Says she lost the weight
Just from breast-feeding... uhh, her kids...
But not that it matters
Oh, and, by the way
Screw Fridays, they're stupid
I'M GETTING MY SURGERY ON MONDAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am gonna be FIERCE.
Like, so fierce, Tyra Banks is gonna hunt me down and be like, "Giiirl, your pictures are FIERCE."
Like this one.

I'm gonna be even CUTER without my ostomy bag.

No one is gonna be able to resist me.

Casey (yesss!!)


Rory said...

you and cam have a lot in common
you are both random like to annoy me and think im weird

Di said...

Is there really anyone who can resist you now? Ostomy bag and pink eye can't hide your inner star quality!!!