Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just Like Dr. House

I am so ex-ci-ted! I am singing a song! Lalalalalala! I'm leaving the hos-pi-tal! Today or early to-mor-row! As long as I can wean off the mor-phine! And I have no pa-ain! Lalalalalalala!

Ok, stopping. But I'm so happy! I'm happy enough to have happy spelled with 5,000 Y's. Or E's. Like happeeeee. I might be leaving the hospital today after staying just one short (ok, one LOOOOONG) week!

There's this little kid in the room next to me. He must be about 3 or 4. They're taking surgical stickers off of him and he's crying and screaming, "Dadeeeeeee, dadeeeeeeeeee!" I feel sooo bad, because taking off surgical stickers hurts like hell.

Anyways, if you know me you know one of my most favorite things to do is sit on the couch on Tuesday nights and watch House. It's like the most amazing show ever. Besides Private Practice. And Grey's. And also, my new favorite, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. It's on the Travel Channel like every day and 12 and 1, and he's the funniest. guy. ever. Besides Joel McHale, that guy on The Soup. My nana watched The Soup for the first time on Monday and she was cracking up. I just got way off-topic. What I was trying to say was, I like House. It's a hilarious show and he made an ostomy joke! I fall madly in love with anyone who can tell a good ostomy joke. Here's how it went. So Dr. House and Dr. Wilson were trying to decide what this man who was obviously dying has. House had all of the symptoms on his board and Dr. Wilson was like, "It's colon cancer!" and House goes, "Well, it better not be, cause I used all of the bags we have while I was grocery shopping." I just got off-topic AGAIN. What I was TRYING to say before I got off topic like 10 times was this.

You know how House takes vicodin? And he's addicted? Well now I get to be like him cause I TAKE VICODIN TOO.

They're sending me home from here with it because I can't tolerate codeine. It makes me a crazy psycho bitch. My mommy said so. But vicodin, so far, just makes me happy and a little loopy for a while. It's actually hilarious. I was like cracking up for no reason and talking weird, but only for the first like half an hour after it kicked in. Now I feel fine. Sort of.

Yay for narcotics! Wooo!

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Di said...'s really funny...I think your mom has called ME a crazy, psycho bitch...but I took it as a compliment!!!

Just keep your friends who are bringing Christmas trees in mind if you have any extra House-idan!

I love, love, love House...did you know that Hugh Laurie was in Sense & Sensibility way back in 1995...yes, they did have moving pictures back then.