Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm Not Allowed in Here


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This is what my blog is rated, according to This is for use of the words sex 10 times, kill 6 times, death 4 times, drugs 2 times, sexy 1 time, and porn 1 time. Yeah. It's all drugs, killing and sex here at Life as an Ostomate. I don't even know how I got the word sex 10 times. I don't use the word that often! I'm going to count and see how correct this thing is.


halayyyy said...

yeah you did use sex 10 times but it was all in that survey thing except for this post.


Di said...

Please note that the above comment which I assume is by my daughter, although she seems to have forgotten how to spell the name that we very carefully selected and about which we carefully considered the spelling, comes from a 14 year old who lives in a neighborhood where the parents don't care what their kids do or what they watch (with the exception of one parent...and we don't let her play in the reindeer games anymore) as long as they don't get into our beer or wine!

Kinda makes you want to move to the town that is spelled in such a way as to contribute to your rating.

Well, as long as your own blog is rated NC-17, let me recommend a movie. I just watched Mr. Brooks in which my love-man Kevin Costner plays a serial killer and my other love-man (even though I've heard he's got a bad rep with women) William Hurt plays his alter ego. Amazing movie...I would love for you to watch it...but not with Lindsay...oh, no...too much violence and language. Your Mom could handle it. As I've been thinking about it...I have some questions about the plot that we can talk about.

Oh, and tell your Dad that Demi Moore is in it (although fully clothed the whole time) and maybe he'll watch it too.

Oh and speaking of inappropriate fare...I rented the first season, first disc of Weeds from Showtime and am addicted. Utterly inappropriate for 12 year old ostomates. Absolutely don't watch it! I tell you that because I know you will listen to me!

I am reading The Pillars of the Earth...which, by the way, I decided to read BEFORE Oprah selected's really long, but I'll bet you would like it. Plus the author (Ken Follett) just came out with a sequel after like 20 years.