Monday, November 26, 2007

If You Go Under... But Don't Go Out

"It is known as anesthesia awareness. The body is asleep... but the mind is awake. What if you went under... but didn't go out?"

Oh. My. God. Please. No.

Another anesthesiologist-wants-to-kill-you thing. First, I read Coma by Robin Cook (the linking isn't working, sorry), about a murderer who kills his victims by tampering with the amount of anesthesia they get during surgery. This puts them into a fatal coma, never to wake up. I read this in March, before I even knew I was getting an ostomy bag. So granted, the only thing I was thinking about as I got the first dose of anesthesia was, "Omigod he looks like a criminial. I swear I saw him on To Catch a Predator." I don't even watch To Catch a Predator!!

So I've stopped thinking about the anesthesia "mistake" in Coma just long enough for another evil doctor to come on to the scene in that new movie Awake. It's about a surgeon and anesthesiologist who are in surgery and put the guy under anesthesia, but he can feel everything and hear everything they say. And they want to kill him. And I don't know how long this movie can last if they kill of the lead character with anesthesia, but not the point. I know my surgeon and anesthesiologist don't want to kill me, but it still makes me freaked out!

So if I go under... but don't go out, and I experience anesthesia awareness, and my body is asleep... but my mind is awake, I'll miss you all.

P.S. What does that even mean??


Di said...

What the hell are you doing watching such a movie????

Rent the Saw movies or Borat or something.

Kristin said...

Hey Casey-

I found your blog through a Google alert I have for 'ostomy'.

I'm an ostomate too...have been since I was 15 (I'm ooolllddd now..32 :-). I have Crohn's disease.

Just wanted to say HI and that I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Check out these websites if you're interested: - Camp for kids with ostomies - National organization for people with ostomies. There's a teen discussion board there.

Best of health to you!