Saturday, September 29, 2007

Math Textbook Fun

The Dunder-Mifflin math textbooks make my day.

Every day after fourth period, Hannah and I fast-walk to our lockers to get our math textbooks for fifth period with Mr. Gallo.

Why, you ask?

Because of Tyrone White and his family.

In chapter two, all the word problems follow the adventures of Tyrone White and his multi-racial family and friends. Yes, I know that sounds completely racist. But it's not. It's hilarious. This is Tyrone's life story.

Tyrone White's family is very large. He has a sister named Rasheeda and a brother named Ying-tao, who hia mom and dad adopted from China. His mother is from the old country and her name is Martha. His father is an illegal immigrant from Mexico named Pedro. Pedro is a director. He's directing a movie starring his Israeli friend named Ishmael and his brother, Hershel. The White family's neighbor is a Pakistani pacifist named Zahra. Her boyfriend is a Native American tribe-leader named Eyes Like The Owl. In the apartment on top of the Whites, there's a gay couple named Joseph and Gary awaiting approval for their marriage. They share an apartment with Iraqi homophobe Ahmed. Every day, their alcoholic Irish friend Rachael and her alcoholic brother Dewey cross the street and get hit by a car, but no problem. Their friend got bit by a radioactive spider and is now Spiderman.

Fun with textbooks!

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Di said...

You ARE making this up. Tyrone and family would simply not fly in Boca. The guard-gated community kids in your class would have their well-heeled, plastic surgery-ed Moms in the office so fast it would make your head spin!!!

The closest they want to get to multicultural is letting illegal aliens clean their houses and mow their lawns....because they work cheap.

Ooh...sounding bitter???