Monday, September 24, 2007

Lizzie McGuire and Other Crizzap

Green. What a pretty color. Like the dewy grass in front of my house. Like that amazingly gorgeous dress Ashley Tisdale wore to the VMAs. Like Hannah Montana's favorite sequined shirt.

Like my ostocrap.

Yes, everyone. Casey's toxic waste is green. Green like grass, Ashley Tisdale's dress, and Hannah Montana's t-shirt. Bright freakin' green.

But enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff, like McDonald's french fries. Yumm.

Right at this very exact moment, my sister is watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie in the living room. I. Hate. That. Movie. With a passion. I mean, really, Transformers is more believable. In case you don't watch Disney channel at 8:00 on one day every two months, The Lizzie McGuire Movie is a badly-written, badly-acted movie about Lizzie's middle school graduation. They take the outgoing 8th graders to Rome for one week. While on vacation with her ENTIRE grade, she meets Paolo, a Roman popstar who mistakes her for his missing partner, Isabella (& you'll get a kick out of this: it's pronounced Ees-ahh-beyyl-ahh). So Paolo basically stalks Lizzie until she's like, "Whatever, male version of Paula Abdul, I'll come and be your Eesahhbeyylahh." . So then, obviously, Lizzie falls madly in love with Paolo Abdul. So then it turns out that Eesahhbeyylahh can't come to some award show that Paolo Abdul signed up for. So Lizzie pretends to be Eesahhbeyylahh for her new lover-boy. I won't tell you the rest. You'll have to watch it. But the end is just as 'fantastico' as the beginning & middle.

First of all, this movie is actually really funny. Let's get that straight. But it also has more cliches than a whole book of cliches.

Amazing quotes:
"So did she, like, totally freak out?" "Yes, she totally freak out!"
"It's ok, I have this cool cheese!"
"Can we have spaghetti?" "It's like 9 in the morning." "So?" "I don't eat carbs."
"Ciao, word."
"Like, total viva! I'm loving this!"
"Look at all of you, you think I'm American! I am, how you say? Awesome?"
"But, you don't even eat carbs!" "I'd eat them if an Italian boy bought them for me!"

Finally: The fashion deigner's name is Franka Demontibikini

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Di said...

Is this your generation's answer to Fellini? Marcello Mastroianni? Rossellini?

Next the Disney Channel will be co-opting Country Music, calling Miley Cyrus the new Patsy Cline and her dad the Johnny Cash of the new millenium.

I kind of hate how Disney creates these "faux" classics and little kids just watch them over and over and over again.

Not that my kids didn't do the same thing...but it was The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Snow White...stuff that came before Walt died and his heirs lost the "magic".

Miss you Casela!!! I'm glad you got to see my kids the past two weeks...but I hope you and your NC State sweatshirt get the heck up here soon! Oh...and I guess you need to bring your Mom!