Friday, October 5, 2007

Embarassing Moment of the Day...

I've never had a REALLY embarassing moment before. Not one worth, say, writing in to Seventeen magazine for and telling them about it.

Today would probably be my most embarassing moment. Ever. In the history of Casey.

Suprisingly, it had nothing to do with my ostomy bag. But a migrane. Today, I got a migrane and couldn't concentrate on anything. Here's how it went down.

I was in Science class and we were doing an experiment to see how many drops of water could fit on a penny. I'd done this before, and I remembered the results. I was repeating them in my mind like "34, 34, 34, 34...", and my teacher called on me.
I hadn't even been paying attention half the time, and I wasn't raising my hand, but rubbing my temple to make my headache go away. So on impulse I just blurted, "Uhh, 34?". She started to write it down and then stopped and asked, "Where did you get that number from?". I was like, oh crap, did I say 34? Great, now she's gonna think someone told me what the answer was and I was cheating. So I said the all-powerful and convincing, "I don't know.". But my science teacher is smart, of course, so she said, "Yes, I think you do."
So thennn I said, trying to sound not upset and NOT like I was about to burst in to tears, "Well, I've done this experiment before." Then, instead of saying "Ok, thanks for telling the truth." like I hoped she would but knew she wouldn't, she said "Oh, well if you've already done it I guess we should just do the worksheet." and started passing out worksheets.
Well, I got totally upset. I could feel the tears backing up behind my eyes. Then, in a moment of Casey braveness, I raised my hand before I started crying and said, "Well, even if I've done it before, the other people should be abke to do it, even if I don't.". My science teacher smiled at me, nicely, not like, oh nice try. Then she said, to my complete and utter suprise, "You know what, I don't want to do a worksheet. Let's just do the experiment."
And I got SO HAPPYYY. I was about to jump out of my seat and hug her.
AND THEN, to top it all off, this girl I HATE AND DESPISE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED, raised her hand and said:

"Well, since Casey has already done the experiment, I think she shouldn't do it."

The class' response was a bunch of dirty looks at her and mouths dropping to an '0'.

My reaction?:

And THEN, in a moment of super-science-teacher-ness, the science teacher said "No, it's ok. Casey can be like our resident expert."


After class, my friend Hannah went up the girl I HATE AND DESPISE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL and said "That was really mean, what you said about Casey today." And no GIHADWAMHAS said, "I'm just stating my opinion. I think that if she already did the experiment, she shouldn't spoil it for the rest of us."

Then another friend, Nicolette, tried to talk to her and was like, "Hey, why did you say that about Casey? She was the one who got us to do the experiment again anyway. If she wasn't a nice person, unlike SOME people, we wouldn't have even done it." Then GIHADWAMHAS just laughed in her face and walked away.

What a miserable, evil, low-life person.

One good thing came out of this: NEVER raise my hand in science class again!!

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Di said...

My suggestion is that you DO raise your hand in Science class to smack that awful girl (do I know who it is?) across her imperious, yet we know unself-confident, face. Ooh, don't tell your Mom I said that...she will think I am a bad influence on you...but of course, WE know about her inadvertent outburst in the car this summer in front of your little sister, so we can always hold that over her head!!!!

I think I know the Science teacher of whom you speak...and she is pretty great.

Have you read Gone with the Wind yet???